Softwood Timber Supplier

As a timber supplier a significant percentage of the products we sell are softwoods.  It is cheaper than hardwood and actually better suited to many applications. If you would like advice on the best type of timber for your project then we are more than happy to offer advice and support.  Many of our customers have at one time or another benefitted from our extensive knowledge of the timber trade and from our years of experience as a softwood timber supplier.  

All softwood timbers that we supply can be cut or machined, and can be cross cut to length. Boards can be ripped to size, and profiles can be created to any size or shape. We offer a finishing service including lacquering and staining. Tanalised green and Tanatoned brown timber treatments are available.

Most orders are fulfilled in 2-3 days; additional services may take a little longer.

If what you need is not in stock we can obtain it from our extensive network of contacts. All stock items are priced to order. Call us on 0191 4173724 to discuss your needs or to ask for a quotation.

We are currently a softwood supplier of

  • Unsorted Redwoods
  • Fifths Redwoods
  • Sixth Redwoods
  • Whitewoods
  • Unsorted Whitewoods
  • Fourths Whitewoods

Softwood, which comes from conifers such as the Douglas Pine and Siberian Larch, makes up about 80% of the timber grown worldwide. It grows faster than hardwood, and is thus much cheaper. This also means that softwood forestry has a much smaller impact on the environment.

Much of the world’s softwood is grown in North America, Scandinavia and northern Russia. From these and other sources the wood reaches the certified softwood timber suppliers by a process that is carefully documented at all stages. In line with our certifications, we know that all the softwood timber we supply is grown in well managed forests, with minimal environmental impact.